2022 Caliche Caper


Just some of the vehicles attending

Bob K7POFgreeting first time attendees Marsha and N7FAD Fred Durham

“Cookie” Ernie K7IOG, Bob WB7RRQ, Robbin W7POF and “The popcorn lady” Debbie Ivan

Host Bob K7POF, Susan, daughter of Bob WB7RRQ and Ralph W7HAM

Connie Paul, KK7ECA Harry Paul and Pat KK7PFB

Debbie KD7COM and hubby Ray KI7COM

Dave Drown WN7L

Dave N6CRG and DX Store JIM N6DHZ

Gary K7GH and Gary KD7EQ

ART KG6AY, Frank K8FB and John KT7P

Debbie Ernie and Robbin trying to keep up with the food line

Loren AE7CG, John KT7P and Pat KK7PFB

Bob K7POF with annual announcement

Shut up Bob we want food!

Terry KE7GRV, Mike AD5SU and Betty KF5LDA

Allan KF7LRD, Tom NE7X and

Allan KF7LRD and Tom NE7X

Jerry Roberts ex KB7CN now K7BUD and Debbie Ivan

Gail K7YTI and Betty KF5LDA

Pete K6VVR, David KD7NRS and Tom WN7E

Gene WD6EEM and wife Patricia with Mike W6UND

Cooks clowning around!

“The Miner Table” Bob KA7NPQ, Grandson Stephen KI7FQT, Bob, son Michael KA7RGW and his wife Christine KE7NWN

Dick W6CCD and caregiver Donna Hayes

Theresa W7TRW, Samitha and her grandmother Sharon W7PAY

“The Popcorn Man” Tomy KF7GC and Gary K7GH

Gale K7YTI and Theresa W7TRW

MMRG photographer Karmela Brower on a weaker moment when she slipped up and let someone take her picture.

“The real McCoys” Pat BR549 and his son Brian K9POF


We want to thank all of you for coming to the “2022 Caliche Caper” Also thanks to all those that helped make this happen. Photos contributed by Karmela Brower, Debbie Ivan and Ray KI7COM  73 till next year “The POF bunch” Bob Sitterley K7POF, Brian McCoy K9POF, Robbin McCoy W7POF and Not shown here Pat McCoy BR549.  (BR549 was Junior Samples used car lot phone number on the old “He Haw” TV Show)!