Our critters past and present

Our dog, Nemo, is a vivacious, lively, animated animal.  He is part Australian Shepherd and who knows what else.  He is now almost 16 years old and slowing down a lot. A number of years ago we acquired a 6 year old Calico cat her name is Amy. She has a black mustache like Charlie Chaplin. Dec. 2016 we acquired another cat her name is Maddie. She is a Ossie Cat.  (An Ossie Cat is a cat who looks like an Ocelot).

We lost our cat, Oreo.  She was a beautiful tuxedo cat with long hair.

We love our critters so much and they know it.  They really are spoiled and I’ve often said I’m glad they’re not human children or people wouldn’t be able to stand them! Before Nemo, Bob had a Springer Spaniel named Kelly.  She was a beautiful liver and white dog and his constant companion.  She lived to be 14 years old before she went to doggie heaven.  She was a good friend to Bob and they were good for each other.  Kelly had a good life.

Before Oreo, Linda had a cat named Nena.  She was a wonderful cat, so sweet and friendly.  Very lovable.  Nena lived to be 17 years old before she went to kitty heaven.

AMY                                       OREO                                   MADDIE

               KELLEY                                 NEMO                 

We have both had various pets all of our lives and most have lived to a ripe old age.  We both believe having a pet is a life long commitment.  Having a pet is such a joy and brings so much happiness to us.

Sadly I lost Linda September 28, 2017

Bob Sitterley K7POF