Prescott area VE Testing


       Prescott VE Team  

Here is the schedule for upcoming license exams. Exams are held on the following Saturdays, beginning at 9:00 AM, at the Jeep Posse building.

1-20-18, 3-17-18,

5-19-18, 6-18-18, 7-21-18, 9-15-18, 11-17-18

The club also provides practice tests for the Technician Class license at the Jeep Posse building the Tuesday before the actual license exam.  The practice exams begin at 6 PM.  Here is the practice test schedule:

1-10-2018, 3-7-18, 5-9-18, 7-11-18, 9-5-18, 11-7-18

 VE Team


Cell phones can not be used as calculators. No exceptions!

See note below regarding Federal Registration Number (FRN)

The VE Testing page on the YARC Web site  has been updated so that people wishing to sign up for testing can pre-register on-line. Thanks to web master Dick Hughes, this new feature is now available.

Testing is held on the above dates at the Jeep Posse Bldg., in Prescott behind the hockey rink off Commerce Drive.

If you are taking the technician exam, we recommend you pre-apply for a FRN (Federal

Registration Number) from the FCC in advance of the test session. You do not have to

hold any kind of license to apply for a FRN. This can be done on-line at: If you are taking the general or extra class exam your FRN number will be listed on the front of your license. Please remember to bring the original and a photo copy of your license to the test session with you. The original will be given back. Test sessions are provided by the Prescott VE Team which is Sponsored by the Yavapai Amateur Radio Club. Pre-registration is recommended by sending the following information to:

Get FRN Number at address beliow

Name as you would like it to appear on your license

Mailing Address

City, State, Zip

Phone Number

Email Address

Anyone with special needs will need to contact me a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the

exam by emailing me at